Pirate flag 03.2Between 4362 – 4379, Captain Lars Blackmoor ravaged the western coasts of Avistan and Garund, all the way from the Land of the Linnorm Kings to the colony of Sargava, Captain Blackmoor’s nearly 17 year bloody career terrorized the world. His greatest accomplishment was to raid the harbor of Absalom, destroying over 10 ships and then, not even a week later, seizing an entire Chelish fleet of cargo ships. He would disappear for a few years a at time, only to strike from his hidden island fortress and ravage the world again . . . Unfortunately, his years of tyranny ended when a brave captain from Andoran lead a massive fleet against the deadly pirate. Driven from his fortress, Captain Blackmoor fought a series of battles against the brave Andoran Captain until his ship ran aground on some tiny, forsaken islet in the Arcadian Ocean. There, at last, Captain Blackmoor was killed and his stain upon the world was erased. But, it is said that his famed treasure horde was never found and remains to be claimed by any man or woman who has the fortitude and audacity to search for it . . .
Campaign Overview: This campaign begins with Captain Mathieu Belmonte recruiting a group of rugged and experienced adventurers to aid him in his quest to find Blackmoor’s Treasure. He has recently learned the whereabouts of one of the pieces of the map that will lead to the location of the treasure. Due to his long career and love of adventure, Belmonte has amassed a wide variety of friends and contacts, many of whom can aid him in this quest. He has sent messages to any that he could easily locate and can are willing to join him, for a share of the treasure and the fame. This adventure will take the characters all throughout The Shackles, Mediogalti Island, and the Arcadian Ocean. If the goddess of pirates, Besmara herself, will smile on the characters, they will be successful and become famous throughout all of the Inner Sea. This campaign will be a blend of wilderness, dungeon crawl, urban adventures, and nautical travel.

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The Misfits

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