The Misfits

BT 1 - Plots, plans, and brothels

Deciding that Temarren, the bosun of The Red Tide was the best way to gain information about Captain Grayven and the piece of the map, they came up with a complicated plan to ambush him in one of the local brothels. After an investigation of the brothel, where Bredon agreed to be the payment for the matron of the establishment (but for the night only), the PCs found out that while Temarren does frequent this place, he had recently been kicked out by the matron and, once that happens, he usually avoids the place until the next time the ship is in port.

Realizing that their plan wouldn’t work, they decided to use Aessa as the honeypot and lure Temarren to a dark and secluded spot, which actually worked. Aessa lured him out onto a long and lonely stretch of the docks and got him to ingest a concoction brewed up by Rod, which caused him to be violently sick. Xander and Rod arrived and convinced Temarren that he was poisoned and that they were the only ones who had the antidote. He then told them that Captain Grayven had decided to sell his part of the map to Black Lorren, a notoriously deadly pirate captain who commands not just one, but three ships. They also found out that two of Black Lorren’s men, Marq Piper and Tiger Jericho, were in port and were supposed to make sure this meeting and sale took place. The PCs then bound Temarren, dumped him in a dingy, and set him adrift in the bay.

Meanwhile, Orno came up with a plan of his own and disregarding any amount of finesse or subtly, marched straight into the Witchlight and tried to get Captain Grayven to show him the piece of the map. However, Orno attempted to be mysterious and not reveal the name of his employer/the potential buyer, which did not work at all. Grayven, now suspicious that someone else is after the map, had Orno escorted outside.


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