The Misfits

BT 1 - Stowaways on the Red Tide

The PCs must brave the wrath of Captain Grayven to find the first piece of the treasure map

On 21 Desnus, 4712 AR, The Misfit left the docks of Eleder, capital of Sargava in search of treasure. Captain Mathieu Belmonte has recently learned the whereabouts of the five pieces of Blackmoor’s Treasure Map. Determining that the time is ripe, he has sent messages to six of his previous accomplices and asked them to meet him in the closest port and join him in this adventure.

The first of his recruits are Aessa Lindjere and Bredon Harrow. Aessa was recommended to him by Larkin Quill, who said that she was a hunter and tracker of the topmost skill. Bredon is along on the quest in the hopes of proving him to the Pathfinder Society so that Venture-Captain Fenze Bellough will promote him to full Pathfinder status.

Their first port of call will be Crown’s End, followed by: Port Freedom, Senghor, and lastly Bloodcove.


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