The Misfits

BT 1 - Welcome to Bloodcove

The group has assembled, now they must brave the dangerous streets of Bloodcove to find the first piece of the treasure map

The Misfit heads first to Senghor to find two men that Captain Belmonte wishes to recruit for his team. Both Xander Corrington and Rodmin Quicksilver are located without much trouble. Xander was found in a gambling hall and, due to the rough nature of two of the men he’d been gambling with, Three-fingered Jack and One-eyed Bill, it was rather prudent to remove himself from their vicinity (despite soundly defeating them at cards). Belmonte quickly found Rodmin in the small shop that he had been renting out and plying his trade as an alchemist. Both men were ready for adventure and agreed to join.

The next stop was the free port of Bloodcove, where Belmonte attempted to find Cinter Ehlwinden / Orno only to run into difficulty. A rather large and intimidating minotaur came to The Misfit and said that he was there in Cinter’s place. Belmonte thanked him for the offer, but that he was specifically looking for the gnome.

Later that evening, Belmonte told the group a little about Captain Lars Blackmoor and the legend of his buried treasure. If they would help him find the five pieces of the treasure map, he’ll cut them in on a fair share of the treasure and they’ll be able to reap not just monetary rewards, but also the fame and prestige. The group agreed and set out to The Witchlight, an inn where the current holder of one of the pieces of the map, Captain Reed Grayven, is staying with some of his men. In the meantime, the strange minotaur had approached Belmonte again and revealed a story that only Belmonte and the gnome Cinter would know, thus confirming the good Captain’s suspicions that this creature was indeed, somehow, the gnome. He welcomed him aboard the ship and filled him in on the details.

At the Witchlight, the group (Rodmin, Xander, Aessa, and Bredon) took their time casing the place and finding out information. Xander talked to an old sailor by the name of Reeftide and learned a few things about Captain Grayven and The Red Tide, not to mention the captain of the ship Lord Dagon, Captain Grace. They never got a chance to see Captain Grayven, although they did see two of his crew, first mate Yellow-eye and bosun Temarren. The bosun is a sniveling cowardly looking man, and a few of the group deduced that they might be able to obtain some information from him, somehow.

After finding out all they could, they retired back to The Misfit for the rest of the night and then to make their plans on the following morning.


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BT 1 - Welcome to Bloodcove
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