Andrathanach (deceased)

Guardian of the East Gate of Parthus-Kratul


A young green dragon, he has given himself the lofty title of “Guardian of the Eastern Gate of Parthus-Kratul.” What that means exactly, the PCs are not aware of. When they initially encountered him, he spoke to them in Polyglot and seemed willing to converse, although he frequently referenced eating the “Fat One” (Pavo) and keeping “The White Woman” (Misery) as a slave. The discussion was going okay, until Ashema’s rash actions and threats pissed him off. When he noticed Ckorik beginning to cast a spell, he leapt into combat and unleashed his devastating breath weapon on the party. It was a hard fought battle, until the brave paladin crippled its wig with a desperate throw of his sword. Once the heroes engaged it in battle, it was quickly slain, although not before taking down Ckorik.


Andrathanach (deceased)

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