Bredon Harrow


Bredon stands 6’3" and is pale skinned with shoulder length black hair. He sports a short, but scraggly beard that he thinks covers a scar on his left cheek, but in fact accentuates it. He goes where the money takes him, but he is fiercely loyal to the job at hand, and to Cheliax.


Bredon Harrow is a proud Chelaxian who hails from Westcrown and spent much of his youth climbing and exploring the rocky terrain along the Inner Sea. A dock worker for many years, he began honing his skills with the blade at the persuasion of his uncle. He soon became an accomplished fighter and, much to the chagrin of his parents, adopted the life of a sword for hire.

While in Parthus-Kratul, on an expedition headed by the wizard Akahn, Bredon was turned into a statue by a creature he never saw. He was finally freed from this state 150 years later when a group of adventurers happened upon the same area.

Instantly transported into the future and immediately fighting alongside a strange band of explorers that were seemingly the only creatures he knew in the world, it was a bit of an adjustment. Though reluctant to accept their words as truth at first, Bredon began to realize that he was, in fact, in a new world. His god, Aroden, was dead. His beloved Cheliax had devolved into a land of devil worshippers, and everyone he knew and cared for was long dead. He was pleased, however, to discover that his skill with the sword had not diminished. He is determined to keep feeding this skill (luckily, with all of the creatures they’ve encountered, lack of practice has not been an issue thus far) and become a legendary swordsman.

Initially distrusting of his new companions, he has since warmed to most of them, and is even slightly amused by the Chelaxian-hating gnome. Once reaching the city of Eleder (and getting mind-clearingly drunk) Bredon decided that he needs to accept his dealt hand, leave his previous life behind, and earn a place in this new world. He shaved off his long-worn beard as a symbol to himself of his second chance at life. He has also decided, since he is living on “bonus time,” to enjoy the simple pleasures of life – a good drink, a beautiful woman’s company, another good drink, etc.

Inspired by Darien and Pavo and their work for the Pathfinder Society, Bredon approached Venture Captain Fenze Bellough and declared his intention to join them as well. His current goal is to continue adventuring and become a full member of the Pathfinder Society.

Bredon Harrow

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