Captain Mathieu Belmonte

Rough rider, hunter, and outdoorsman


Although only of average height, Mathieu Belmonte seems to be larger than life. An expert hunter, fighter, and rider, he has a swaggering charm and an immense vitality to him. His thick moustaches are a source of pride and he has a real preference and belief in firearms. He’s an expert marksman with longarms, such as muskets and rifles.


He had already traveled the breadth of the Avistan and Garund continents before he decided to join the Pathfinder Society during his middle-years. Reportedly, he is one of the few people to explore some of the isles and atolls of what was once ancient Azlant, He quickly rose through the ranks of the Society and became a Venture-Captain. After holding the title for 15 years, he decided to retire and return to what he loves best: hunting. He really believes that animals are there to provide food and to be hunted. He lives for the thrill of the hunt.

Captain Mathieu Belmonte

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