Cinter Ehlwinden / Orno

A Minotaur with Black Hooves and Horns. Arcane symbols glow upon the horns.


He has a cream colored fur with Brown skin below. His Horns, fingernails and hooves are black and his eyes and the runes on his horns glow red on occasions. Smart observers have noticed that this tends to coincide with his temper.


Cinter was born a small Gnome from a family of small gnomes… amongst a small race taht is constantly being mistreated by those larger than them the mean-spirited tend to pick on those even smaller than they. He found himself bullied by his brothers and other Young men in the village for his entire younger life. He found solace in reading books supplied by and learning from travellers that passed through the village. He would stick to the more populated areas, such as the Inn, and when teh opportunity arose, he would speak to outsiders about the larger world they came from. One fall afternoon he was doing chores when a young human man from the next valley showed-up and began to give him a hard time. He tried to just ignore the lout but it got to the point where he was being pushed around and hit. He ran but was easily caught by the Human bully. That’s the day it all changed… He closed his eyes and began to swing back… as he did his fists felt like they were hitting a smaller and smaller target. Upon opening his eyes he saw the bully falling back and he struck his head on a stump and didn’t get up. when he rushed to him it felt strange. he looked down and discovered that his body wasn’t really his body… he was much higher off the ground than usual. as though he were on a roof. He raised his hands to look at them and they weren’t the hands he remembered. They were course and had hair spilling onto the backs. he crouched to look at the man and found that he was dead. Fearing what would happen to him he grabbed a few things and left the village. He sends money and notes back home occasionally but has had no contact with them since.

Since then he’s come to grips with what he is and has learned to live with it. He spends as little time as possible in the smaller body of the gnome, he was born with, and immediately upon waking always returns to the form he feels safer and more secure in. He’s changed its’ appearance over time and it’s currently that of a Minotaur.

Cinter Ehlwinden / Orno

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