Crimson Callie

Buccaneer & mistress of The Misfit


Callie is an average-height female half-elf with a dark, dusky skin tone. She lost her right-eye some years ago in a knife fight with a pirate in Port Peril. She fights with a cutlass and caries an assortment of daggers on her person at all times. She gets her nickname, “Crimson,” from her preferred color, plus the red studded leather armor that she wears. A hard-fightin’, hard-drinkin’, & hard-cussin’ woman, Crimson Callie is a fantastic captain and has a special fondness for the castoffs from society, hence the diverse makeup of her crew. She is loyal to her crew to a fault, but if one of them betrays her, her vengeance will be merciless.


Crimson Callie

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