Felaelrel the Red


To look at Felaelrel you may notice that he’s pretty much the average elf in looks and build. The thing that sets him apart is the look in his eyes. When not interacting with you or others there is a distant look that takes over his face. Of his clothing and equipment you will notice that he wears light, loose clothing favoring reds. To this he has added brown leather for highlights and accessories.

Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Deep Sapphire Blue
Skin: Pale brown, the color of a tree without bark

Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 118lbs
Age: 170yo


A member of the Forlorn Elves. Felaelrel has no home, clan or family that he can claim. All he has are vague memories, as a child, of a Mother and Father. He was given over to a guardsman in Brevoy to raise. The guardsman, named Bierlen , was a short-lived human and had neither a marriage nor children of his own. He knew of Fel’s natural abilities with magic but the wizards in Eagle’s Watch named a cost much too high for him to afford. He, instead, took Fel to a Dueling school, where he knew an instructor, and got him into martial training instead.

Many years later Felaelrel is on the road, going from place to place. His ultimate goal is to find-out who his family is and why he was abandoned. Bierlen gave him a pouch, as he lay dying, which contains a few clues to his past. But, from his youth,nothing else remains save for an Aldori Dueling Sword he’d been gifted with when he left the school following Bierlen’s death.

Excellence in one’s actions — Duty above all else — A contract is binding

Recently Felaelrel has been considering passing on his considerable knowledge of Swordcraft and, more specifically, the Aldori Dueling Sword. to this end he has purchased the former Pathfinder Lodge-hall in the city of Eleder, located in Sargava, and is renovating it to be more suitable to his needs. He plans to just teach Swordsmanship but if a pupil proves apt at magic as well he may train them in the art of the Magus.

Desnus, 16 – 4712 AR

I’ve begun work on the school. It will take time but eventually I plan to have multiple classes as well as personal tutoring. I want to create classes with mixed social levels and teach them that their standing in the school is entirely decided by their abilities. Kind of a military training in that it will teach nobles and lower classes that they’re pretty much the same under the surface. Eventually I plan to see them assuming more military/mercenary positions in life. (Maybe even hiring them out through the school.)

I’ll form classes for basic sword technique, advanced forms, application… then physical conditioning, strategy and tactics-individual, strategy and tactics – group, command of units… I will teach some magic to only those who show aptitude and have proven themselves through the martial training. That will include theory (knowledge-arcana), application (spellcraft), and use. This will then lead to further lessons on combining the 2 disciplines.

The Aldori Dueling Sword is my preferred weapon but it will not be all that is taught since I know that mine is not the discipline for all. I will also arrange for practical demonstration and get guest instructors.

Felaelrel the Red

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