Its slick skin a mottled pattern of bright colors, this agile, frog-like humanoid carries a bow and wears leather armor.


Frogmouth is of average height for a grippli, standing at about 2ft 2in and weighing 33lbs. His skin is a mottled pattern of various shades of green, along with red in a few places. In the right terrain, his skin seems to shift color of its own accord, subtly blending in with the surrounding foliage. An energetic young . . . er . . . “man”, he serves as a shipmate aboard The Misfit, often volunteering for the crow’s nest lookout position. He speaks Common in an odd manner, as if his physiology was ill-suited to pronounce the words. When excited, he talks rapidly in Grippli, a language all but incomprehensible to non-grippli.

During battles, Frogmouth eagerly lends his skills as an archer to the fight, picking off targets on enemy ships with ease.


Frogmouth is from a tribe of grippli living in the Sodden Lands. At an early age, he had the adventuring spirit in him and left. Through a long series of adventures and misadventures, he heard about The Misfit and Crimson Callie’s reputation for accepting every man by his actions and heart, not by his appearance. He eagerly joined her crew and has proven to be quite a useful shipmate. He’s good friends with Jackknife Bill and the two of them, if off duty, can often be found playing cards around sunset.


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