Galeron Starbright

Proprietor of the herbalist shop, Nature's Fancy


Galeron has that age-less look that is an elf’s birthright, so his age is hard to determine. He’s been in Eleder for at least a century and was known as a diehard explorer of the Mwangi Expanse for decades. He is average height for an elf with pale blond hair. His eyes have an almost luminescence to them. He is quite chatty and amicable, although he mostly only wants to talk about herbs, plants, and flowers.


Galeron is the owner of Nature’s Fancy, a specialty herbalist and flower shop in Eleder. He has managed to collect and cultivate many of the exotic plant species that can be found throughout all of southern Garund, although his favorite are the orchids.

Galeron Starbright

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