Griff Cotton

Felaelrel's trusted and hardworking slave/servant


Coming in at a lean 3ft tall and 37lbs, Griff is a young halfling slave. He has wavy sandy-colored hair and, since his return to Eleder from the jungle expeditions, has let his sideburns grow out. Since his master Fel gave him some coinage to purchase new clothing, he decked himself out in a style that he thought would be fitting for a servant.


Griff was pretty young when his family was captured and sold into slavery. He remembers that his surname was “Cotton”, but remembers nothing else about his family. He was eventually taken to the Fleshfairs, the notorious slave markets of the harbor-city Okeno, in Katapesh. He was purchased by Akamatsu, captain and mistress of Eastern Star. He spent 5 years there as a cabin boy and learned to speak the Tien tongue quite fluently.

Sadly, he was sold once again and was part of a group of halfling slaves taken to Sargava, having been purchased by Contessa Pavanna Starweather. There, while in the slave market of Grallus Locke, he was purchased by Fel. He accompanied the Absalome Elite on their trek through the jungle and to the ruins of Parthus-Kraul, although he stayed behind with the porters and therefore did not see the city nor travel to the moon.

Now back in Eleder, he is determined to do his best for his master and can often be seen running around the city on some errand or making reservations for Fel at various places.

Griff Cotton

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