Katenga (deceased)

Experienced expedition guide


Standing 5’7" and weighing 153lbs, Katenga is a well-trained and experienced expedition guide. His preferred weapons are an enchanted longsword and a machete, weapons not normally associated with Mwangi tribesmen. He wears studded leather armor as well. Fluent in multiple languages (Common, Kelish, Orisani, and Polyglot) and dressed in civilized manner, his whole bearing suggests a man at comfort with the modern world, someone who has assimilated into the Chelish Colonial society.


Katenga is a Zenj, the dominant ethnicity of Mwangi natives that live in and around Eleder. From an early age he knew that the tribal life was not for him so when he got a chance, he managed to get hired on for an expedition that was lead by Larkin Quill, the famed “Great White Hunter.” Proving himself to be extremely skilled in the jungles, Quill made him a permanent addition of his team. Years have passed and Katenga runs a successful business on his own. He is known for being pretty tough on the porters, but always stick up for them, makes sure they get paid more than standard wages, and has even worked to save their lives.

On 15 Desnus, 4712 AR, he was found floating in the harbor. Once he was pulled ashore, it was clear that he was dead and he had died in agony – his body showed signs of torture and abuse. He was laid to rest in the Burial Ground for the Poor & Unknown outside of Low Harbor.

Katenga (deceased)

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