Now that he has lost a lot of weight he's showing it off. From head to toe his appearance has changed. Gone are the peasants' rags and now explorer clothing are on his person. He wears a Leather Hat with Band , dark green vest with gold trim, white silk shirt,gloves, pants and boots. On his back there is a backpack of some sort that is covered by a drake skull. There is a crowbar and other doodads and pockets on his belt. Jewelry is on the right hand and there seems to be a necklace that slides under his chain-mail.


 The newly made pathfinder has big plans and a lot of work to see them happen. As an orphan he had to work hard to get everything he has at jobs that most would not do. Finally he has his first bit of respect from doing some honest work. No really honest. There even a few people not looking down on him. Now to start working on building his pathfinder log <u>on the moon</u> (ya I said moon). All he needs to do is to get the city to fall in love with him (I know how to do that) and maybe assassinate someone for the good of the city. All in all things are going pretty good putting him in an attitude that's more willing to work with others. I enjoy a good drink, women on my lap and someone under my boot heel. Ill never go back to the streets.


Goal: pathfinder log on the mother fucking moon baby.

Hates: people that don’t deserve their rank, people with too much wealth, a sad sob story, people that just talk too much, most religion, beggars, books with too many words, people with gardens, bad smelling brothel women, and the list goes on and on.

Likes: children  and dogs.



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