Radomir Milanović

University of Lepidstadt-trained chirurgeon


Of average height, Radomir carries himself with a haughty dignity and a strict adherence to protocol. He has a 2-inch long scar on his left cheek, just far enough over not to be covered by his mutton-chop sideburns. He wears glasses and has his hair cropped short. In his late-20’s or early 30’s, he is a talkative chap, despite being reserved. He oftentimes carries a fashionably decorated cane, as is the current style in Ustalav.


So far, the PCs have found out that he left Ustalav to come to Sargava because of the diverse and exotic wildlife and plant-life. Specifically, he is intensely studying the medicinal purposes and toxins that can be found in the plants.

He claims that the scar on his face is from a duel with another man over a woman he was in love with. He has also commented, “While there is no doubt denying the power of clerics and their faith, you cannot always expect a cleric to be around when you need them. A skilled chirurgeon can be the line between life and death.”

Radomir Milanović

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