Samar Starlight

Reclusive and cranky wizard aboard The Misfit


Samar is a middle-aged, tall half-elf, slight of build. He sports a neatly trimmed thin goatee and is bald. He generally prefers to dress in dark robes, but disdains a cowl for some reason. Realizing early on the versatility of wands, he has perfected his wand making craft and usually has several tucked about his person.


Samar was born and raised in Absalom by a human mother. He was eventually apprenticed to a traveling wizard and explored a good part of Avistan. When his master died, he decided to seek adventure elsewhere, but ran into a bad streak of luck when his ship was attacked by pirates. Taken prisoner, he was almost executed but, as luck would have it, Crimson Callie attacked the pirate ship and saved him. He has been with her aboard The Misfit for a decade now. While there is no romantic interest between the two, he loves her like a sister and would never betray her.

Samar Starlight

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