Xander Corrington

Xander is a man who lives life to the fullest. His mother's death taught him that mortality is an ever-present companion-- one that is to be acknowledged rather than feared. He is a smooth talker and views his wit and his words as his greatest weapons.


He alternates between a goatee and a moustache— depending upon his mood and the preferences of the local ladies. Dark haired, green-eyed, with an ever-present smirk, he travels with few constant possessions— save for the signet ring he wears and an quick rapier with an unusual sheen.

He’s the man who can walk into a dive bar in an unfamiliar town and walk out of a room full of drinking buddies who all swear he’s “one hell of a guy.” He’s fiercely loyal to his friends and someone you don’t want as an enemy as you can be sure he’ll not forget the slight.


Xander Corrington was born to a life of adventure and danger. His parents were well-traveled adventurers who had ventured the four corners of Golarion and back again during the course of their marriage. You’d think the birth of young Xander would have caused them to settle down somewhere but it only seemed to redouble their efforts. His birth caused 3 month hiatus in their travels in the city of Absalom before the promise of danger, excitement, and intrigue to the growing family to the northern lands of Ustalav to investigate rumors of the tomb of an ancient werewolf warlord.

Xander is descended from society and nobility on his mother’s side and yet seems to prefer the rough and tumble life of his father’s family. Named after the late husband of Lady D’augustana of Eleder, his mother was her favorite niece— beautiful, charming, and the object of the desire of many men in the colonial city. However, it was a daring young rogue named Caius Corrington who won the heart of young Helena and took her away from the privileged life she’d known. For years the family traveled the globe, going from treasure hunt to expedition— a breakneck ride through danger and excitement. Ultimately, his mother paid the price— dying from a poison incurred from an arrow to the knee during a hunt for notorious group of bandits on the edge of the elven lands of Kyonin. Xander’s father took his beloved wife home to Eleder to her family and was thrown out of the city by his wife’s influential aunt— being held personally responsible for the passing of his wife. The loss of his wife devastated Caius inwardly but to the world around him, it only seemed to redouble his efforts. After spending a few months in Sargava, he left taking his 10 year old son with him to “seek out the empty spaces on the map.”

Xander took his father’s attitude to heart. He has spent his life traveling, exploring, romancing, and brawling— relying on his words and his natural proficiency with a blade to get himself out of more than one rather dire predicament. He’s able to function in polite society— thanks to his mother’s efforts when he was younger but prefers the company of those who “actually do something.” To him, life is something to be lived to the fullest because each day may be his last. He seldom stays in one place for long and yet will often return to a prior “haunt” to visit with old friends before setting off on another adventure. Some have speculated that if he ever stays still for too long the sadness of the loss of his beloved mother will catch up to him.

Xander Corrington

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