Captain Lars Blackmoor

The legend of Captain Lars Blackmoor . . .

According to his chronicler, Sandor Veracci, Blackmoor’s reign of terror all began on 10 Rova, 4362 AR. when he lead a daring night raid on the merchant ship Goodheart. Although he was dead drunk at the time, Blackmoor and five companions climbed up the anchor and set upon the crew before they were aware what was happening. After a brief slaughter, Blackmoor suddenly found himself in control of the ship. Realizing this great opportunity, he and his companions jury-rigged the ship so they would be able to sail it. The next port he put in to, he hired a crew and began his 17 year bloody rampage.

Throughout all of the hundreds of nefarious deeds that he committed, none was so bold as his capture of the Chelaxian Tribute Fleet on 23 Pharast 4376 AR. The fleet was on its way back from the Chelish colony of Sargava when Captain Blackmoor and his fleet descended upon them. Despite being vastly outnumbered, Blackmoor’s skill and daring enabled him to sink the majority of the warships and to size the cargo ships. Legend has it that, upon first seeing the immense hoard of refined silver and gold, plus all the precious stones, Blackmoor let out a shriek and yelled “My gods, I’m rich!” But now he had a problem – what to do with this hoard? Cheliax was sure to seek vengeance, so he had to dispose of it quickly. Loading all the wealth onto two ships, he set sail west, deeper into the Arcadian Ocean. Nearly a year passed before Blackmoor returned to his island fortress, all alone in a jolly boat with a rigged sail. He never told anyone where he had left the treasure and never went back for it.

But Captain Blackmoor’s career of pillaging and plundering could not last. After outrunning an Andoran pirate hunter, he was eventually brought to bay after he ran his ship, The Sea Demon, aground on some lonely little islet. He did not go down without a fight and personally killed a dozen men, but the Andoran Captain finally killed him. His severed head was hung from the Andoran’s bowspirit as proof of the infamous pirate’s death.

Captain Lars Blackmoor

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