LN small city
Corruption +1; Crime +0; Economy +3; Law +3; Lore +2,Society +1
Qualities insular, prosperous, racially intolerant (Mwangi),strategic location
Danger +5
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Government autocracy
Population 8,900 (8,000 humans [3,000 colonials, 5,000 Mwangi], 500 halflings, 200 dwarves, 100 elves, 100 others)
Notable NPCs
Baron Utilinus, Grand Custodian of Sargava
General Septimia Arodatus, Grand Praetor of Sargava, commander of the Sargavan Guard
Commander Ezio Egorius, Praetor of Eleder
Lady Madrona Daugustana, matriarch of Eleder
Briga, owner of Sargava Club
Base Value 5,600 gp; Purchase Limit 37,500 gp; Spellcasting 6th


Gem Merchants
• Voralius & Son (prop. Marcus Voralius & son Cris)
• Sapphire Drams (prop. Ursion Wintrish)
• Bani’s Gems & Jewels (prop. Bani Knotwillow, f gnome)

• Ironhammer’s Forge (prop. Stigmar Ironhammer, m dwarf)
• Flint & Steel (prop. Kettle)
• Hell’s Furnace (prop. Morvius Alazario)

General Goods & Misc
• Blue Bell’s Goods (prop. Belladonna Morvinn)
• Desperation Bay Pawn (prop. Karn Shatterstone, m dwarf)
• Nature’s Fancy [herbalist, flower store] (prop. Galeron Starbright, m elf)
• The Colonial Countinghouse (prop. Melvin Shore)
• Tanner Jack’s [taxidermist] (prop. Varn & Tharn Copper)

• The Dead Empress
• The Kind Giant
• The Bottle and the Club
• The Hall of Monkeys
• The Violet Ape


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